ChronoSync Updated With Email Notifications

Econ Technologies has released an update for ChronoSync, bringing it to version 2.0.5. ChronoSync is a back-up file and folder syncing utility designed for connecting several devices to a network. The update features improved conflict handling and email notifications. According to Econ Technologies:

Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync, the automated synchronization and backup application for Mac® OS X, to version 2.0.5.

This is no minor update, many new features have been added. Version 2.0.5 enhances email notification, adds more options to the Trial Sync panel, automatically handles file/folder conflicts, and much more.

When a file changes on both sides of a sync, a conflict occurs. In the past, ChronoSync let the user resolve the conflict or skip it, but now you can pre-specify syncs to handle conflicts and date roll-backs so your syncs can be scheduled without skipping any files. Manual or automatic, ChronoSync lets you decide how to handle your conflicts.

A great feature that gets better is Email Notification. Entourage has been added to the list of email clients available in ChronoSync. Email can also be sent directly, bypassing your email client.

ChronoSync can perform trial syncs to show you what files will change before the actual synchronization occurs. Enhancements to the Trial-Sync Panel include categorized actions and retained window size.

Other notable features include improved support for NFS files servers. Container documents, which run multiple syncs together, received Applescript support and their logs now display the messages of all the synchronizations run within the Container.

You can find more information about the ChronoSync update at the Econ Technologies Web site. The ChronoSync update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$30.00.