ChronoSync Updated With Expanded Preference Settings, Bug Fixes

Econ Technologies has released an update for ChronoSync, bringing it to version 2.0.3. ChronoSync is a back-up file and folder syncing utility designed for connecting several devices to a network. The update adds bug fixes and improves specific performance areas. According to Econ Technologies:

Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync to version 2.0.3 ChronoSync, the automated synchronization and backup application for Mac® OS X, gets several fixes from the major release of 2.0.

ChronoSync gives complete control over all your synchronizations. Version 2 can now automatically mount and unmount a wide variety of volumes, including external hard drives, removable media or computers running OS X, OS 9, Unix, or Linux. Schedule your sync to run at anytime or when a volume is mounted and ChronoSync will store your ID and password within the sync document so the entire process is automated.

Fixes in 2.0.3 include:

  • Fixed a problem where "Sync on mount" scheduled synchronizations wouldnit execute under Panther
  • Added a work-around to an OS anomaly where "Volume Full" errors would be erroneously generated when copying to certain types of file servers
  • Fixed a problem where mounting a server with a user supplied name & password would crash if the server required complete URL construction (SMB, FTP, Panther "Network") and the supplied user name or password had a space character in it
  • Added the "Strict server identification" preference setting. Leaving this setting OFF eliminates some scenarios where ChronoSync can not verify a target server even though it is mounted
  • Fixed a problem where encountering an empty folder inside a file package would interfere with the package date calculation and actually make ChronoSync think a file package had no modification date
  • ChronoSync no longer examines the contents of folders that are marked for deletion (during the analysis phase). This was unnecessary and could also result in irrelevant entries being displayed in the Trial Synchronization window

You can find more information about the ChronoSync update at the Econ Technologies Web site. The ChronoSync update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$30.00.