Chronopath, Inc. Releases New Version Of Chronoscan

Chronopath has released a new version of Chronoscan, bringing it to version 2.0. Chronoscan is a barcode reading device designed for use with the Library cataloging utility, also from Chronopath. The latest version features expanded symbology support and an improved device design. According to Chronopath:

Chronopath, Inc., today, has introduced a new revision of its barcode scanner built for Mac OS X.

Chronopath has worked hard to bring you the new Chronoscan, a fast, easy-to-use USB barcode scanner built and designed exclusively for Library. Created for making cataloging your personal library easier, Chronoscan is plug-and-play. Simply plug it in, launch Library, and youire ready to scan!

Use Libraryis "Add Multiple Items" feature to get many items added fast. This feature allows you to scan many items in a row and have Library grab them all at once. With Library and Chronoscan, you can build a database of your books in minutes! Library will find titles, prices, cover art, and more, all automatically!

New in Chronoscan 2:

  • Now works in all applications (as long as the computer is USB-ready)
  • New lightweight design allows for easier gripping and scanning
  • Visual indicator improved to two-color
  • Support for additional symbologies

You can find more information about the Chronoscan release at the Chronopat, Inc. Web site. Chronoscan 2.0 is available for US$149.95.