Chronos Updates SOHO Organizer to Ver. 5.7

Chronos LC announced on Thursday the immediate availability of the upgrade, version 5.7, of its SOHO Organizer personal and business productivity suite. The update, which has been further refined to version 5.7.1 adds the following features and improvements:

  • Added Month and Week views
  • Added two event viewing options to Day View: Event List & Hourly Schedule
  • Added new preferences for the calendar views
  • Added preferences to control when tasks are hidden in the calendar views
  • Improved contact duplication
  • Double-clicking a backup file will now restore it

Chronos provided more details on the new calendar views:

? New Super-Month View. The Super-Month view is more than a regular month view. Users can customize it to show a single month or multiple months at a time. This makes it possible to easily schedule events that cross month boundaries. Plus, users can choose whether they want to see multiple months displayed all at once in their window or whether they want to scroll through the months.

? New Week View. The Week view lets users easily see from 5 to 14 days of their schedule at once. Plus, users can customize it to only show their work week. For example, if a useris standard work week is Monday through Friday, the Week view can be customized to display just those days.

A complete version history is available at the Chronos Website.

SOHO Organizer 5.7 is Universal Application and is a free upgrade. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later. SOHO Organizer is priced at US$99.99, and there is a 30-day free trial period.

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