Circuit City Joins Apple Retail Army

Lost in todayis MACWORLD excitement was an announced deal between Apple and Circuit City to add the retail electronics giant to the list of Apple Computer resellers. Circut City will carry the entire new iMac line, and demonstrate FireWire digial cameras along with the FireWire enabled iMac DV series. According to Circuit City:
Circuit City and Apple? today announced they are teaming up to offer Apple?s iMac?, iBook? and AirPort? consumer products in the more than 570 Circuit City stores nationwide. In addition to displaying Apple?s Internet ready iMac and iBook systems, Circuit City will showcase Apple?s complete desktop video solution, based on iMac DV and Apple?s iMovie, the world?s easiest-to-use consumer desktop video editing software.

?Apple is thrilled to be partnering with Circuit City?one of the premier retailers of consumer electronics?to reach even more customers with our iMacs and iBooks,? said Steve Jobs, Apple?s CEO. ?With features like our ten-minute Internet setup and amazing iMovie software, we think our products will delight Circuit City?s customers.?

?We are pleased to announce the addition of Apple computers to our assortment of top-tier computer brands,? said Alan McCollough, president and CEO of Circuit City. ?Apple brings an exciting new dimension to our computer selection with its contemporary styling and legendary ease of use. Circuit City and Apple share a common commitment to making it easier to use today?s digital products. Features such as iMovie and AirPort wireless networking set the industry standard for user-friendly operation.?

Circuit City stores will display digital video cameras connected to an iMac DV, which features Apple?s groundbreaking iMovie? software. iMovie uses iMac?s built-in FireWire? port to digitally transfer the video from digital camcorders into an iMac. iMovie lets users easily rearrange clips, add special effects like cross-dissolves and scrolling titles, as well as music soundtracks and even sound effects. Users can save their movie on iMac?s hard drive, send it back to the camcorder to make copies on digital or VHS videotape, or send the movie to friends and family over the Internet.

Circuit City will also offer consumers iBook, Apple?s consumer portable; and AirPort, Apple?s revolutionary wireless networking for cable-free Internet access.

You can find more information at the Circuit City web site.