Citrix Considering Mac Version of GoToMyPC

Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. is considering a Mac version of its popular remote PC access software, GoToMyPC, a published report said Monday.

Computer Business Review reports the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company is "mulling" the launch of a Mac version of the product. GoToMyPCis product line manager Jason Randall said the company is working on a version that would support Mac hosts, and the functionality could find its way into the next major upgrade, version 6, expected some time next year.

GoToMyPC enables users to access their Windows-based PC remotely and lets them run applications as well as transfer file. Although the current client can access not only Windows PCs but also most desktops that support a browser, including Macs and Linux desktops, PocketPC mobile clients and more, the remote computer can presently only be running Windows.

In conjunction with the possible Mac support, Randall said the company is working on support for 24-bit color. This would mean that colors would render correctly when being viewed from a remote computer, whereas today only 8-bit color is supported by GoToMyPC, so higher-color images on a remote machine do not render clearly.

The company has for some time owned the rights to the domain name, the report said.