Clan MacGaming Becomes A Little Easier On The Eyes

Clan MacGaming, to celebrate their second anniversary, has launched a new site design. Intended to make all aspects of the Clan MacGaming site easier to navigate to while also giving the site a visual boost, the new design should prove a welcome change. According to Clan MacGaming:

Hello all - hope everyoneis doing well this holiday season, as we here atClan MacGaming pass our second anniversary. To celebrate, weive trotted outa whole new version of the website (, and tofollow the adage that good websites are grown instead of simply built, weivecast a scrutinizing eye at our own, and come up with a newparadigm: SIMPLIFY.

Yes, weive overhauled the user interface, and come up with a simpler, moredirect approach to our content and upgrading the database and scripts thatdrive it as well.

And while we were at it, we gave it a great big sloppy facelift too.

New Features:

  • Weive added a Forum - yes, we broke down and put one up. General discussionfor the public, a private iWar Roomi for our own sinister purposes.
  • The front page to the site is now customizable - users can have the sitedisplay content in a variety of layouts.
  • The links page now accepts user-submitted links, so weire hoping to grow itinto one of the larger tomes of gaming and computing information within thecommunity.
  • Articles now provide for reader comments - this has been active for awhile,but no sense in not extolling its virtues again.
  • Our files page now allows for direct download from the website - no longeris the Hotline client needed. It keeps in synch with the files on a dailybasis as well. Be sure to check it out - our downloads grow by the hour.
  • Weire sporting a iMember of the Weeki feature, in which a Clan member isspotlighted with a 20-question style bit of fun.

Our monthly giveaway continues, fill out a survey and be entered to win somekeen schwag. This month weire giving away a copy of 4x4 Evolution.

You can take a look for yourself at the Clan MacGaming web site.