Classic/X Organizer Updated With New Features

Channel 8 Software has released an update for the Classic Mac and Mac OS X organizer called iOrganizer. The new version includes new features. According to Channel 8:

Channel 8 Software today updated its easy-to-use organizational application for Macintosh and Mac OS X, iOrganizer. iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar, and a download list. It can import contacts, bookmarks, events, and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save, and print lists; quickly and easily send e-mail to contacts; open your favorite Web sites in your web browser; remind you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers.

iOrganizeris sensible interface makes it easy for users to add and edit contacts, web addresses, and appointments. With its simplicity and flexibility, iOrganizer is the perfect tool to help people keep track of the important information in their lives.

iOrganizer 1.6 adds support for recurring events in the calendar. It can now remind you of events that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually. iOrganizer 1.6 is available now from Channel 8 Software.

You can find more information on iOrganizer at Channel 8is Web site. The app is priced at US$18, and a site license is available for US$180.