Classic Games And OS X

Wondering if all your old favorite games will run under Betais Classic environment? So are we. However, Clan MacGaming has come to the rescue with a list of what does and does not work, regarding gaming, under Beta. According to Clan MacGaming:

Clan MacGamingis technical staff has been rather busy these past few days testing gaming compatibility with Appleis newest release of OSX beta. Weive set up a comprehensive database worth checking out at http: // So surf on by and let us know if youire having any similar experiences. Weill be adding to the database as we plow through the games.

DISCLAIMER: The editors of CMG want to remind everyone that OSX is still in beta, and many of the problems experienced here will be dealt with in the final version (hopefully). This list is only for general informational purposes and makes no claims beyond the scope of the games and software tested.

You can find more information at the Clan MacGaming web site.