Clean Up Your Cluttered Monitor With Tiggon's ScreenArena

Tiggon Corporation is now shipping the Tiggon ScreenArena for CRT monitor users. The ScreenArena is a monitor accessory designed for keeping notes, pictures, and other minutiae in an organizationally functional unit. The ScreenArena ships in a variety of colors and fits most monitors. According to the Tiggon Corporation:

Tiggon Corporation, the personalization company, today introduced the revolutionary Tiggon ScreenArena. ScreenArena promises to completely transform the look of the traditional CRT monitor and add a unique organizational functionality previously unavailable to the computer monitor market.

The retro-inspired ScreenArena design significantly enhances the aesthetic of the desktop by adding style, color and form to any CRT monitor. Individuals can personalize ScreenArena with reminder notes, photographs or anything else needed to express personality. Additionally, ScreenArena enables the user to organize the desktop area by storing personal items in its angle-adjustable storage compartment.

You can find more information about ScreenArena release at the Tiggon Corporation Web site. ScreenArena is available for US$34.99.