Clean Your Cache And More With Latest Version Of Cache Cleaner

OS X is a solid OS that keeps getting better with each iteration. Itis easy to use, and requires very little upkeep. However, even the best OS on the planet needs a bit of care from time to time, and there are many tools available to help you provide that care. One such tool is Cache Cleaner from Northern Softworks, which has just released a new version. Northern Softworks explains what Cache Cleaner is and whatis new in the latest version:

Northern Softworks today (June 6, 2003) announced the release of version 1.8.1 of Jaguar Cache Cleaner, its popular OS X maintenance and utility application.

What is Jaguar Cache Cleaner?

Jaguar Cache Cleaner is a utility designed to provide easy access to numerous OS X maintenance and utility options. When used in combination with OS Xis disk repair tools, it can be very effective in curing many system problems. Jaguar Cache Cleaner helps simplify system maintenance chores with an easy point and click interface to many OS X functions. JCC Documents and the JCC Engine can help maintain system health by providing set and forget automation of common maintenance chores. Used as directed, Jaguar Cache Cleaner can be a powerful tool to keep OS X running smoothly.

System Requirements: Jaguar Cache Cleaner requires Mac OS X 10.1 or higher.


  • Flexible OS X system cache cleaning options.
  • Flexible Finder cleaning options.
  • Clean ".DS_Store" window settings files.
  • Repair disk permissions.
  • Fixes Software Update Permissions.
  • Rebuild application library prebindings.
  • Execute Mac OS X maintenance scripts.
  • Delete Virtual Memory swapfiles.
  • Shutdown to Single User Mode.
  • Enables Jaguaris File System Journaling.
  • Optimize Internet settings.
  • Renew DHCP Lease.
  • Rebuild the Services Menu.
  • Create Ram Disks.
  • Repair /tmp link.
  • Kill or restart the Finder.
  • Kill or restart the Dock.
  • Use the Virex engine to automatically scan and clean viruses.
  • JCC Documents for one step access to maintenance chores.
  • JCC Engine for set and forget automatic maintenance.
  • Use in any user account.
  • Easy to use graphical interface - no Terminal required.
  • Illustrated documentation.

Whatis New in Jaguar Cache Cleaner 1.8.1?

Version 1.8.1 of JCC is a maintenance release that adds some new features and improvements. Notably, JCCis Deep Cleaning option is no longer limited to the single logged in user. It can now deep clean the caches of all user accounts. This release also hooks into the .mac version of the Virex command line scanner. This allows for automated or scheduled virus scanning and cleaning of all users home folders.

Jaguar Cache Cleaner is US $7.95 shareware. It is available from the Northern Softworks Web site.