Cleaning Your Font Cache

The applications we rely on every day work fine most of the time, but occasionally they get temperamental and crash almost randomly. Even worse, sometimes they donit launch at all. In some cases, the problem really does lie in the application, but many times, your font cache is to blame. Mac OS X keeps track of the currently loaded fonts on your Mac, but if that cache gets damaged, your applications may suffer. Clearing your font cache can fix many application stability issues, and itis easy to do.

I like using Tweak Freak to clear my font cache. Itis easy to use; and with its free price tag, itis affordable, too. In addition to clearing your font cache, it also handles other system maintenance tasks, like clearing your log files, repairing permissions, removing Web browser cookie and cache files, and more.

Tweak Freak clears your font cache and more.

If you prefer one-trick-pony applications, FontNuke clears your font cache and restarts your Mac with one mouse click. Just like Tweak Freak, FontNuke is free.

FontNukeis simple interface clears your font cache with a single click.

Clearing your font cache isnit an end-all cure for application problems, but it is a often overlooked fix thatis always worth a try.

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