Clear ShuffleMate Case Starts Shipping

Bruddy, LLC has started shipping the ShuffleMate, an iPod shuffle case that offers sturdy protection and with clips and wire management.

Announced in February, the ShuffleMate is a constructed from clear, polycarbonate plastic, keeping the shuffleis white body visible.

"The iPod shuffle is a spectacular product, but all those cords make for a lot of clutter", said Matthew Broms, creator of the ShuffleMate. "With the ShuffleMate, I can attach my iPod Shuffle anywhere: on my shirt collar, belt or pant pocket, shirt lapel, even a baseball cap or bike helmet. With the wire cleanly tucked away, say good-bye to all that ispaghettii and forget you?re even wearing an iPod!"

The ShuffleMater sells for $16.95 and includes an industry standard "bull-dog" clip. For a limited time, Bruddy is offering a $3 per unit discount on multiple orders. The ShuffleMate can be ordered direct from Bruddy online and will be in select retail and on-line stores in April.

Bruddy said it is currently developing several more products tailored for use with the ShuffleMate, beginning with an inexpensive armband (under $10). More details will be released in the near future.