Clich? Software Releases Stratego Homage Game

Cliché Software is now shipping a new game for Mac users, Strategei. Strategei is an app modeled after the classic game Stratego. The game features capture the flag gameplay and opponent discovery via iChat. According to Cliché Software:

Cliché Software today released Stratèges, an homage to the classic Stratego®.

iStratègei is a French word meaning a person skilled in the art of war planning. As a player in Stratèges you must display the competency of a general in making swift decisions, determining the life or death of your army. You must control your many soldiers, each with their own skills, from scouts to spies, in a desperate attempt to capture your foeis flag before he captures yours.

Stratèges has an aqualicious interface designed by TheBettsBro Inc, and supports opponent discovery via Rendezvous, StratTrack, Cliché Softwareis hosted game servers, and iChat.

You can find more information about the Strategei release at the Cliché Software Web site. Strategei is available for US$9.95.