Clipboard Utility Ships From MacEase

MacEase is shipping a new app for Mac users, ClipPreserver 1.0. ClipPreserver is a utility designed for clipboard information retention. The app provides clipboard content restoration in the event of a system crash and also preserves content between startups. According to MacEase:

MacEase announces the release of two new OS X utilities, ClipPreserver Lite 1.0 and ClipPreserver 1.0.

ClipPreserver automatically preserves the contents of the Clipboard when users shutdown or restart their computers. When users start/restart their computers, ClipPreserver automatically restores their Clipboardsiprevious contents.

Additionally, ClipPreserver automatically will preserve and restore the contents of usersi Clipboards when they have a system crash -- even whenitis a serious crash. When users restart their computers, the contents of their Clipboards automatically will be restored.

You can find more information about the ClipPreserver release at the MacEase Web site. ClipPreserver Lite is available as freeware, ClipPreserver is available for US$9.95.