Clipboard Utility Update From MacEase

MacEase has released an update for InfoManager, bringing it to version 2.1. InfoManager is a clipboard utility designed for the management and organization of information. The update includes Netscape 6.x and AOL 5 support. According to MacEase:

MacEase is pleased to announce the release of InfoManager 2.1. InfoManager 2.1 is a complete information management system for the Macintosh.

InfoManager greatly expands the power of the Mac Clipboard, can be used to create and organize notes and other information, simplifies and expedites file and folder generation and organization, includes extensive tools for on-the-fly editing of text in virtually any program, includes tools for both finding the text within text and clippings files and finding text and clippings files themselves on any mounted volume, and includes tools for editing and printing the contents of clippings files.


  • InfoManager now works with Netscape 6.x (InfoManager has always worked with earlier versions of Netscape)
  • InfoManager now includes enhanced support for AOL 5.0 and the AOL 5.0 web browser
  • Several small enhancements have been added to InfoManageris code

You can find more information about the InfoManager update at the MacEase Web site. InforManager is available for US$17.95.