Clipboard Utility Update From Script Software

Script Software has released an update for CopyPaste, bringing it to version 4.5. CopyPaste is a clipboard utility designed for copying multiple files and text clippings to the clipboard. The update features several enhancements including improved compatibility when working with CopyPaste-X and OS X. According to Script Software:

Award Winning CopyPaste 4.5 Released for Classic (OS 9 or less).

CopyPaste is the original award winning multiple clipboard utility and with the 4.5 update it is better then ever. Productivity is what its all about.

CopyPaste 4.5 has new features the major one is that it has been updated to work in conjunction with CopyPaste X. CopyPaste 4.5 runs fine alone under OS 9 or less but now also works perfectly within Classic and integrated with CopyPaste X running under OS X. This means all clipboards and actions between OS X and Classic are seamless.

New Features and Changes in CopyPaste 4.5:

  • CopyPaste 4.5 shows a picture preview on the palette if a picture is in the clipbord
  • The default clipboard (without number) now only goes into the Clip Recorder and will not change the clipboard 0 in the Clip Extender anymore
  • The display of the cliboard data for the menu and palette text preview is now extracted from the clipboard in real time
  • Most important for OS X users this version can communicate with CopyPaste-X and transfer the classic clipboard to CopyPaste-X
  • some smaller bugfixes

You can find more information about the CopyPaste update at the Script Software Web site. CopyPaste 4.5 is available for US$20.00.