Clipboard Utility Update From Script Software

Script Software has released an update for CopyPaste-X, bringing it to version 1.4. CopyPaste-X is a clipboard utility designed for copying multiple files to the OS X clipboard. The update features several performance enhancements including speed improvements and bug fixes. According to Script Software:

CopyPaste X 1.4 Released for OS X

CopyPaste is the original award winning multiple clipboard utility and with the 1.4 update it is better then ever. Productivity is what its all about.

CopyPaste is the digital hub for clipboard material and many other kinds of data. It is easy to use, saves time and allows you to do less and accomplish more. Try it and see how critical a clipboard manager is for OS X.

New Features in Version 1.4:

  • CopyPaste-X now can communicate with CopyPaste 4.5 Classic. If both versions are installed CopyPaste-X can copy and paste its clipboards between OS X/Classic seamlessly
  • CopyPaste-X is localized in Danish
  • CopyPaste-X can now read the OS 9 SimpleText files with embedded pictures
  • CopyPaste-X can now read RTFD files. You can open .rtfd files and save them in .rtf format which in turn can be opened by MS Word or Apple Works
  • CopyPaste-X can now paste plain text without style information by option-clicking a palettes "P" button


  • The Clipboard Editor is much much faster
  • The main toolbar for the Clipboard Editor is initially not visible and can be located by the "Show Toolbar" command in the "Edit" menu
  • The word-list creator now can deal with Japanese text in different fonts
  • The Editor now supports anti-aliased text on OS X 10.1.5 and higher


  • Insert long Date was partly broken, it works now
  • Setting background color to "other" was broken and is fixed
  • Clip Archive function initially created a wrong file type which somtimes caused garbage onscreen

You can find more information about the CopyPaste-X update at the Script Software Web site. CopyPaste-X 1.4 is available for US$20.00.