Coca-Cola To Jump Into The Online Music Download Business

Pepsi may have joined forces with Apple to distribute a million songs via Appleis iTMS, but Coca-Cola is taking it a step further, according to an article at the Register. "myCoke Music" is set to debut in January 2004, and will have "over 250,000" songs available to residents of Great Britain for 99p (about US$1.72 as of this writing). The service will be provided by OD2, the same company that Microsoft uses for its UK-based music download service. From The Register:

Sugared water seller Coca-Cola has decided to toss its brand into the online music selling ring, crowding what is already a bazaar-like marketplace.

In January of next year, the myCoke Music site will go live in the U.K. Coke has promised a selection of over 250,000 songs from 8,500 artists at a cost of 99p each. The new service will be run in partnership with music distributor OD2 - Microsoftis European DRM supplier.

You can read the full article at The Registeris Web site.