Cocoa Built IM Application Updated

Eric Peyton has updated his popular intstant messaging client for OS X, Fire, to version .16a. Fire is currently the only messaging client for OS X to support AOLis Instant Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Pager. The new version includes a host of new features, including improved icons throughout. According to Mr. Peyton:

What is Fire? It is an multiplatform instant messenger client based off of freely available libraries for each "service." Currently Fire handles AOL Instant Messenger communication, ICQ communication, and Yahoo! Pager communciation.

New in 0.16.a

  • New icons and images throughout - thanks to Rick Roe, Blake Harris, more ...
  • Fire now supports Enter and Return correctly. Your preferences may have changed. Please go to the Chat Window preferences and select appropriately.
  • Offline buddies donit have a 0/ in front of the counter.
  • Yahoo fix for Fire crashing when the wrong password was put in.
  • Update to latest libfaim.
  • Away panel no longer displays html in itis view
  • Fire now shouldnit crash while parsing html-ized characters - well at least not as much :)
  • Misc UI changes and cleanups.
  • ICQ buddy logins no longer bring the buddy window out of the dock
  • Chatnav in AIM is only started when someone first attempts group chat. Chatnav is what is periodically killing the aim server and breaking the connection. The chatnav connection should restart correctly.
  • Fire now supports blocking of buddies. This is a new feature. You can block someone by adding them to the new "Blocked Buddies" group. You canit delete this group. If you rename it, a new one will show back up when you restart.

Fire is available for free. You can find more information at the Epicware web site.