Cocoa Nuts Posts New Chatbot On Site

Cocoa Nuts has posted a new chatbot at the Cocoa Nuts Web site. Charliebot is an open-source chatbot designed to answer computer related questions and gossip. The chatbot runs on any Java 1.3 VM and was developed by the Anna project. According to Cocoa Nuts:

Charliebot open-source chatbot released.

Cocoa Nuts Technology supports an open-source chatbot technology for use in Web site development and simple product support.

Charliebot contains three default personalities, integrated Webserver, and more! Best of all, it is developed on Mac OS X using Project Builder though it can run on any Java 1.3 VM. Charliebot is an extension of work done by the foundation and the Anna project.

You can find more information about Charliebot at the Cocoa Nuts Web site.