Collaba 2.5 Update Features New Interface

SYPECom has released an update for Collaba, bringing it to version 2.5. Collaba is a utility designed for digital content and multimedia telecollaboration. The update features an improved interface and performance enhancements. According to SYPECom:

SYPECom releases Collaba 2.5, a powerful multimedia telecollaboration portal engine offering a wide range of unified communication services for your students, parents, teachers and personnel members. Especially designed for the educational sector, Collaba is the winner of the ICEM 2004 International Award for best educational multimedia platform.

Update 2.5 powers the new Collaba Special Edition server, brings a new improved default look, adds performance enhancements and other fixes.

You can find more information about the Collaba update at the SYPECom Web site. Collaba is available starting at US$349.00. An educational license of Collaba VL is free for educational organizations.