Collaboration Application Updated

Channel 8 Software has updated their nifty collaboration package, ExchangePoint, to version 1.1. ExchangePoint allows users to chat, share files, or work on a shared white board. ExchangePoint also allows users to find other ExchangePoint users to easily create an electronic community. According to Channel 8 Software:

Channel 8 Software today announced the availability of ExchangePoint 1.1, a powerful program that makes it easier than ever to share ideas with people around the office or around the globe.

ExchangePoint is an innovative client and server suite that allows two or more users to chat, share files, post news, send and receive private electronic messages, and even draw together on a networked digital whiteboard. ExchangePoint facilitates online interaction in a way neverbefore possible. Users can join an existing ExchangePoint online community or create a community of their own within minutes!

ExchangePoint 1.1 now supports hierarchy in shared files, searching shared files on a server, and marquee selection in the whiteboard. Various other improvements have also been made in ExchangePoint 1.1, including support for text profiles and support for invisible and permanent channels.

With its combination of ease of use, power, and flexibility, ExchangePoint makes it easy for users to share news, ideas, files, and media. ExchangePoint is the ideal tool for businesses, families, friends, and students to improve communication.

ExchangePoint is available for US$35. You can find more information at the Channel 8 Software Web site.