Color Bar GUI Widget Updated

ExitToShell Software has released an update for Color Bar, bringing it to version 1.5.2. Color Bar is a horizantal colored 3D GUI bar designed for software development. The update fixes button control highlighting issues. According to ExitToShell:

New from ExitToShell() Software: Color Bar v1.5.2 (Carbon/Mac OS X)

Color Bar is a $5 ShareWare Aqua-inspired horizontally-shaped colored bar with a subtle 3D effect. Color Bar can be used as a static user interface element or as a clickable button control. Color Bar is intended for use in any Carbon Event-based applications, Mach-O or CFM format.

Color Bar 1.5.2 corrects highlighting issues with the Color Bar button controls.

You can find more information about the Color Bar update at the ExitToShell Software Web site. Color Bar 1.5.2 is available for US$5.00.