Color Management Utility Released

CHROMiX has released a new color management tool for use with Appleis Color Sync technology. ColorThink allows users to fully understand the complete color capabilities of peripherals. According to CHROMiX:

The ColorThink toolset is a suite of tools for managing, repairing, and graphing ICC profiles and understanding the color capabilities of devices.

ColorThink 1.0 is composed of 9 modules:

  • ColorThink Profile Manager - Like the Extension Manager except it works with ICC profiles installed in the System Folder to enable and disable profiles individually or in sets.
  • ColorThink Profile Inspector - Opens profiles in a unique graphical profile viewer.
  • ColorThink Profile Medic - the Profile Medic performs 16 comprehensive tests on profiles and the system to ensure problems are discovered and fixed.
  • ColorThink Image Inspector - The Image Inspector opens multiple image formats, displaying the embedded profile and allowing it to be copied out to the Finder, opened with the Profile Inspector or installed directly into the System folder.
  • Graphing - ColorThink has comprehensive graphing of profiles and color lists in two and three dimensions.
  • ColorThink Profile Linker - device link profiles can be created for use with RIPs and color servers quickly and easily.
  • ColorThink Renamer - Renamer allows quick renaming or synchronizing of the internal name, external name or both.
  • Color Lists - Lists of colors from measurement devices can be read into ColorThink and analyzed and compare to determine device drift, ink differences, and so forth.

ColorThink is available for US$129, with a special limited-time introductory price of US$99. You can find more information at the CHROMiX web site.