Colourfull Creations Shipping Maxi Bidder For Auto eBay Bidding

Colourfull Creations has released a new app for Mac users, Maxi Bidder 1.0. Maxi Bidder is a utility designed for automatic eBay bidding. The app features custom bid setting and is available for OS X and Classic. According to Colourfull Creations:

Colourfull Creations releases Maxi Bidder. Maxi Bidder is a new program for Macintosh owners that utilize eBay. Maxi Bidder will allow you to bid on eBay auctions at the last few minutes of an auction without even being at your computer.

Key Update Features:

  • Automatic Bidding on eBay Items
  • Pay less for auctions when bidding at the last minute
  • Enjoy the freedom of not having to wait for an item to end again

You can find more information about the Simple Weather release at the Colourfull Creations Web site. Simple Weather is available for US$9.99..