Colourfull Creations Shipping New Collection Utility

Colourfull Creations has released a new app for Mac users, Compete Collector. Compete Collector is a utility designed for the organization and management of personal collection. The app features a search engine and support for item images. According to Colourfull Creations:

Colourfull Creations releases Complete Collector for Macintosh OS X. Complete Collector will help people organize their collections with ease. With features like built in search, the capability to put pictures with the items, and the ability to Applescript; Complete Collector will be a helpful tool to organize and keep track of those important collections.

From baseball cards to antiques. From video games to teddy bears. Coins to cars. Anything you collect can be put into Complete Collector. If you can think of it and collect it you can use Complete Collector to help you organize it.

The advantage to organizing a collection is so an item is not purchased several times over because you couldnit remember wether or not you owned that piece for your collection. Using Complete Collector that problem will be solved because you can also print your lists to take with you on shopping sprees.

You can find more information about the Compete Collector release at the Colourfull Creations Web site. Compete Collector is available for US$9.99.