Colourfull Creations Shipping New Vocab App

Colourfull Creations has released a new app for Mac parents, spellXbuilder. spellXbuilder is a utility designed for creating custom vocabulary tests. The app features support for voice commands and OS 10.3 on up. According to Colourfull Creations:

Colourfull Creations releases spellXbuilder for Macintosh OS X 10.3 or higher.

spellXbuilder allows you to create custom spelling lists to test on at your own pace. spellXbuilder uses the built in voice capability of the Macintosh to test you on the spelling lists that you create. spellXbuilder is easy to use and a fun and stress free way to test at your own pace. spellXbuilder is recommended for the very young and adults alike.

For parents it is a completely stress free and fun environment for your child to be tested on their spelling lists. No more arguments about getting your child to study. Now thatis stress free! For adults it is an easy way to become a more proficient speller which can help you in the business world greatly. spellXbuilder will allow to you to study in private and at your own pace.

You can find more information about the spellXbuilder release at the Colourfull Creations Web site. Maxi Bidder is available for US$9.99.