Columnist: iPod Is The Future Of Computing

The Gleaner, a Henderson, Kentucky newspaper, has published a column by James Derek in which he calls the iPod "the future of computing." Mr. Derek admires the iPod, and goes so far as to call listening to it on a plane a "the nearest thing to a religious experience," and to suggest that Apple could sell more PowerBooks by releasing one that ran Windows. From the article:

Iive held the future of computing in my hand and its name is [iPod].

For those unaware, the [iPod] is Appleis hugely successful music playing computer, which has been so successful it has spawned a dozen competitors.


I travel a lot and I have to say that an [iPod] full of tunes and Bose Quiet Comfort 2 noise-canceling headphones on my head is as close to a religious experience I have ever had in an aircraft.

Like Bose, Apple has chosen to take the high road when it comes to details and price.

Can you imagine what would happen if Apple released a Windows version of its PowerBook? Anyway, it is hard to explain what a technical marvel an [iPod] really is.

Mr. Derek goes on to describe how the iPod works, and closes by calling the iPod a "first class product." You can find the full article at The Gleaneris Web site.