Combo Drives Appear On PowerBooks At The Apple Store

Slot-loading DVD/CD-RW icomboi drives are now available on all three Apple PowerBooks at Appleis online store, confirming all the buzz of recent days. According to Appleis PowerBook page, the PowerBook G4 has also been given a fairly thorough overhaul:

The new Titanium PowerBook G4 has all the subtle refinements and esthetic touches that made it the most coveted full-featured notebook computer on the planet: 1-inch thick, 5.4 pounds, slot-loading DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo drive, 5-hour battery, AirPort, 15.2-inch megawide screen, and pure-grade titanium body. But the resemblance ends there. Because the PowerBook G4 has been turbocharged -- extensively re-engineered -- to deliver a tremendous performance boost. And for good measure, we?ve also significantly enhanced its wired and wireless networking capabilities.

The Apple Store lists them as having a one-week wait for shipping, with pricing of both the 550mHz and 667mHz models remaining the same.

You can find more information at Appleis PowerBook product pages.