Coming To Theaters Everywhere: CineWave Gets An Upgrade

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has released an update for CineWave, bringing it to version 1.2. CineWave is an video editing app designed for use in the professional video production arena. The update has several new features for Mac users including support for Final Cut 2. According to Pinnacle Systems, Inc:

Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a leader in digital video content creation tools, today announced the immediate availability of CineWave 1.2, the newest version of the Companyis award-winning professional video creation solution. CineWave is software and hardware working together seamlessly to deliver unprecedented quality and flexibility on the Apple Power Mac G4. CineWave version 1.2 contains many new features including CineOffline, support for 16-bit YUV and 8-bit RGBA codecs, and HD qualification and support for Final Cut Pro 2 with most popular HD formats.

CineOffline allows CineWave users to maximize costly storage space by using offline qualities to reduce the size of the media within a project. Even though a scaled down version of the footage is stored to disk, the user still edits with a full-size image through CineWaveis real-time hardware scaling features. With CineOffline, users can conform or scale up the file to full resolution at uncompressed standard definition and/or high definition quality for finishing at anytime. Furthermore, CineOffline enables one to edit with CineWave on a computer that does not have the TARGA Cine Engine hardware.

You can find more information about CineWave 1.2 at the Pinnacle Systems, Inc. Web site. CineWave is available for US$6,495 and the software upgrade is available for existing customers.