Community Rec Center Management App Released

HD Industries, Inc. has released a new management app for the Mac, RecEnroll. RecEnroll is a Recreation management app designed for centers needing to streamline the paperwork process of running a community rec service. The app ships with several features including simplified registration and payment tracking. According to HD Industries:

Recreation programs throughout the country offer a variety of services to their communities, but cumbersome program registration processes and record keeping can compromise the quality of the services provided.

Recreation districts and departments will benefit from implementing this new software program that will allow staff to efficiently and easily manage classes and registration processes.

RecEnroll is accessed through any web browser.  Recreation program staff click on links (as they would on any web site) to navigate the database. All of the program features are available through this simple interface.

RecEnroll allows users to:

  • register participants
  • export brochure data to page layout software
  • display class schedules on the web
  • pay instructors\\
  • create class rosters and waiting lists
  • produce administrative reports
  • track payments
  • connect remote offices to the central office using an internet connection.

You can find more information about RecEnroll at the HD Insustries, Inc RecEnroll Web site. RecEnroll is available starting at US$4,500 for the first year.