Company Dazzle's at COMDEX

Dazzle Multimedia has announced at COMDEX its Hollywood DV-Bridge, a DV editing solution that puts an end to limitations caused by analog/DV video incompatibility. Also, they unveiled several new and enhanced personal video production solutions and demonstrated their new Webcast Theater service.. According to Dazzle:

Hollywood DV-Bridge enables Macintosh and Windows-based PC users to capture older analog video content, mix it with new DV video content, edit it and output it in either the DV or analog format. The new converter can also be used to transfer video from a DV camcorder to an analog camcorder or vice versa, without connecting Hollywood DV-Bridge to a computer.

With Hollywood DV-Bridgeis analog and DV outputs, users can transfer their videos in the DV format, for the most crisp image quality, or in the analog format for the most convenient and widespread format. The captured video can then be edited in the high-quality DV video format and recorded back to video tape, CD-ROMs or DVDs; used to enhance presentations, added to web sites, distributed as webcast video from the Dazzle Webcast Theater, or sent as a video email.

Hollywood DV-Bridge supports any Windows-based PC or Macintosh computer with a Firewire/i.LINK/1394 interface, offering unprecedented Analog/DV video input and output flexibility. The versatile converter can be used with an analog or DV camcorder, with Appleis iMovie and Final Cut Pro software or other leading DV video editing solutions. Equipped with analog and DV inputs, it enables users to capture video from analog sources such as a VCR (to convert old analog videos to DV), to a TV, an analog camcorder, or a DV camcorder.

Other DV products

Dazzle video production products unveiled include: Dazzle EmMe, a $49 USB video capture device that enables Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) users to turn their PC into a video creation tool. With Dazzle EmMeis single cable connected to a PCis USB port and Microsoftis MovieMaker software, users can immediately capture video from any camcorder without shutting down or rebooting the system.

To make it fast and easy for people to share their videos, Dazzles offers its new Dazzle Webcast Theater service which is available free to Dazzle video production product customers.

The Hollywood DV-Bridge will be available this December for US$299. You can find more information about it at Dazzleis Web site.