Company Offers 70 Feet Long FireWire Cables

While USB has become standard issue on the Macintosh, FireWire too has rapidly become a distinct part of the Mac repertoire of offering. However, most of FireWireis appeal has been directed directly toward the video market, both on a consumer and professional level. Final Cut Pro and iMovie2 are products that have been widely touted by Apple as the FireWire revolution has swung into full gear.

FireWire however has much potential that is left untapped by the consumer market, and as is to be expected with new resources, the truly dynamic features of FireWire have yet to see the light off day. The remarkable number of components that can be daisy chained and hot-plugged with FireWire leaves Mac Observer to wonder what resources are out there to be tapped.

Into this void steps Observer Jeff Handy, who has brought our attention the FireWire products marketed by Tec-Nec Distributors of Saugerties , New York. Tec-Necis collection of FireWire products begins to show exactly what can be accomplished with FireWire, and just how much there is available to plug into that port on the side of your G-4.

One of the most impressive items that Tec-Nec sells is extended cables for FireWire. If you have used FirWire, you may have also been held back by the length of the cables themselves. Tec-Nec offers extended length cables that will make runs up to 70 feet without demanding the use of any repeaters. In an office setting, getting the FireWire peripherals off the desk and into a secure location is a highly desirable option, and these cables make that possible.

Tec-Nec also offers Orange Microis six port FireWire hubs, and repeaters that can extend the length of cable runs even further. Add in the switching peripherals that Tec-Nec stocks and you can use your imagination to develop a network of FireWire devices that serve a variety of tasks in the office or home. This is truly a case in which the power of the feature is still wide open for expansion.

Thanks to Mr. Handy for bringing Tec-Necis products to our attention. If you have any products that you think we may have overlooked, please contact us and weill let the world in on your discovery. We know there are far too many for us to catch them all, so we deeply appreciate the help of every Observer in getting the job done right.

You can find more information on the companyis products at their Web site. The site is not all that easy to navigate, but you can find information on their FireWire products in a PDF document.