Complete eCommerce Solution Updated [Corrected]

[Editoris Note: We incorrectly said that the developer of WS4D was 4D, when in fact MDG Computer Services is the developer. The article has been corrected.]

MDG Computer Services has updated their suite of e-commerce tools, WS4D/eCommerce, to version 3.5b16. The new version of the complete set of e-commerce tools includes several new features, including the ability for users to log in remotely to create or modify accounts. According to MDG Computer Services:

Whatis New With Version 3.5b16?

  • Ability to accept orders purchased on account. This requires that the customer be setup with terms.
  • 4th Quarter Integration module, partially implemented. Allows Inventory from 4th Quarter to automatically copy over to WS4D (no need to export/import, instead, there is a live link between the 2 products).
  • Email-Search Can use the Import Date (vs. Date of Email)
  • Ability to flag orders shipped from browser, included, ship date, ship via, tracking number, shipping _notes. Optional Email sent to customer, when changing shipping info. Also, when customer views order history, they will see shipping info. ?
  • Ecommerce actions, now accessible via URLs (allows Frame, better, design, less errors.). These URLS are: *ws4d-db-query-Checkout.ws4d,*ws4d-db-query-LogIn.ws4d, *ws4d-db-query-ModifyShopping.ws4d, *ws4d-db-query-emptyCart.ws4d.
  • When logging in, new tag, shows Shopper Name: ws4d-registered-user
  • Cookie Enhancements. WS4D now sends cookie to track number of user visits, this allows user tracking *even* if internal database tracking is disabled.
  • Added Price Breaks based on Quantity ordered
  • Added Shipping API with REALbasic Example.
  • Added Port Monitor (monitors hits/high connects for each port)
  • Added ability to disable database access (useful when importing data)
  • Added Ability to export Products in standard tab/cr text file to easily be imported into spreadsheets.
  • Added Low Stock Notification
  • Added HTTP File Upload feature.
  • Added Optional Support for new Banner module within WS4D.
  • Added Support for Verisignis PayFlow Link (see setup directions)
  • Added Optional Support for CyberCashis WebAuthorize (requires purchase of key to activate)s
  • Added Different email for merchant & customer (in StoreFront Setup)
  • New Security Features
  • New tag that sends email whenever a page is requested from a browser
  • Daily Auto Export of Orders
  • QuickTime Links for each Product
  • Added Optional Support WS4D/Banner, a new banner ad manager that tracks impressions and clickthrus.
  • Bug Fixes

Pricing for WS4D/eCommerce begins at US$495. You can find more information at the 4D web site.