Complete eCommerce Suite Updated

MDG has updated their full featured e-commerce package, WS4D/eCommerce, to version 3.3b11. The new version adds a number of new features, including the ability to alter pricing based on number of units ordered. According to MDG:

WS4D/eCommerce 3.3b11 is now available for Mac and Windows. This version adds:

  • Different Price Levels based on Qty Ordered
  • easy ability to export products to FileMaker or Excel/AppleWorks (and Import)
  • Low Stock Email Notification
  • HTTP File Upload (easily upload graphics for your products or storefront logo)
  • 4 QuickTime Links for each product
  • support for Verisign PayFlow Link (still support AuthorizeNet)
  • different email for customer vs merchant
  • New Security Feature
  • New tag that sends email whenever a page is requested from a browser
  • Daily Auto Exports of Orders (auto creates Quicken/QuickBook QIF File)
  • Shipping API with REALbasic Example
  • Port Monitor to show you the high connects for each port (also, included in nighty stats email)

WS4D/Banners is also a new optional integrated module. Rotates banners, tracks impressions and clickthrus and more.

WS4D/eCommerce is a *single* application that includes web server, shopping carts, order/customer tracking, unlimited database publishing, graphing, user and site tracking. WS4D/eCommerce can run as a standalone web server or as a CGI to WebStar.

Pricing for WS4D/eCommerce begins at US$495. You can find more information at the MDG web site.