ComputerWare/Elite To Have Shagedelic Promotional Stunt At Tonight's Jaguar Release Event

ComputerWare by Elite Computers, the Bay Area chain doing its own special Jaguar release event tonight at 10:20 PM, tells us that some sort of shagedelic promotional stunt will be taking place within the overall event at its flagship Elite Computer store in Cupertino. Like Appleis 100 Minutes To Jaguar event, ComputerWare by Elite is reopening its five Bay Area stores tonight for early sales of Jaguar. The stores open at 9:00 PM, and will remain open until 11:00 PM, with Eliteis president, Thomas Armes, telling us that the promotional stunt at the flagship store will take place at 10:20 PM, sharp.

That store is on De Anza drive, across from Appleis campus. For more information or directions for any of the stores, call 408.257.8000.