Computer Artists Receive New Tool

U & I Software has released a new real-time art synthesizer, Videodelic. Videodelic is a type of real-time art creation tool that allows users to easily create dynamic art content. According to U& I Software:

U & I Software announced today that Videodelic, its revolutionary real-time video art synthesizer and sequencer for Power Macintosh computers, is now available. Videodelic allows performers to create dynamic video art on the fly or to sequence video compositions and render them to QuickTime?.

What is Videodelic
Created by Eric Wenger (creator of KPT Bryce), Videodelic is a new kind of multimedia application-a real-time video-art synthesis instrument with built-in Montage Room sequencer-that introduces a new modality for multimedia art. It can be used as a real-time instrument for creating striking, live visual improvisations, or it can be used to create video compositions which can be rendered as QuickTime? movies. Its simple, flexible design makes Videodelic equally at home on the concert stage, in the video post-production studio and in the homes of DIY musicians and multimedia artists. Itis also a lot of fun!

Videodelic features a wide range of image, color and display effects that make it the perfect tool for creating everything from avant-garde video art and visual accompaniment for music concerts to promotional spots and kiosk displays. Since all effect parameters can be controlled by audio, MIDI or computer keyboard input, it is a snap to create dazzling, dynamic presentations that respond to a performer or soundtrack.

Unlike most multimedia applications, the user interface is simple and elegant and can be mastered in minutes. Its unique effects and control matrix make it powerful enough to satisfy professionals, yet it requires no special knowledge and is meant to open the door to multimedia art for all of us.

Videodelic is already being used by a wide variety of artists and musicians around the world both on stage and in video studios. It has been used to create spots for MTV Europe. Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for the band Dream Theater, uses his synthesizer keyboard on their current world tour to create the groupis stunning visuals with Videodelic. Videodelic can also be seen weekly on the USA Network on the popular live music series Farmclub for it which it provides visual accompaniment.

Key Features

  • Real-time performance or Montage Room sequencing
  • Stunning image, color and display effects
  • Effect parameters all controllable in real-time
  • Audio, MIDI, computer keyboard or random control of all effects and effect parameters
  • Dynamic animation from still images
  • Still images, QuickTime? movies and live video input as input sources

Videodelic will be available in September for US$249. You can find more information at the U & I Software web site.