Computerworld Also Praises New iMac G5

In addition to PC Magazineis positive review of the new iMac G5, Computerworld also published a review of Appleis newest Mac. Like the PC Magazine review, Kevin Mingisis review at Computerworld is full of praise for the model. While a more detailed and technical review of the iMac will be written later by another Computerworld reviewer, Mr. Mingisis first look lists design, quietness, the ease with which one can access the innards of the unit, the display, and other features as positives. On the negative side, he says that the 256 MB of RAM that comes with the iMac is on the short side. From Computerworld:

Although Mac fans generally seem to like the hardware (with the exception of the Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 Ultra graphics card), theyire decidedly mixed in their views of the flat machineis look. Some have called it a step back for Apple from the obviously cool "iLamp" model that preceded it. Others say the new machines represent the best in minimalism and will fit right into most corporate environments.

For the record, I hold with the latter crowd. I like the look, though not because it represents a great leap forward in the design of desktop computers. The idea of packing a computeris hardware into the area behind a flat-panel screen isnit new. But Appleis usual attention to detail in how thatis done, and the resulting iMac hitting store shelves now, shows that old ideas and designs can be made new again.

Thereis a lot more in the full review, which is a very first-person look at the new machine. This includes things like changing out the hard drive for a 10,000 RPM drive, some more personal observations on the design of the unit, the ways in which the new model is similar in looks to the iPod, and why he thinks that the iMac G5 is a good buy.