ConceptDraw Presenter Now Shipping

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has expanded the ConceptDraw family with the release of ConceptDraw Presenter. ConceptDraw Presenter is an animation and drawing app designed for business presentations or concept demonstrations. The app ships with a drawing tool set that allows direct placing of animation and slides into the program. According to Computer Systems Odessa Corp:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today announced the release of ConceptDraw Presenter - the innovative presentation software from award-winning ConceptDraw Productivity Line.

ConceptDraw Presenter offers the successful combination of advanced drawing and animation functionality. It provides efficient and convenient way for fulfilling a variety of presentation tasks from convincing business presentations and slide-shows to attractive Web-ready Flash movies. It is perfect for daily work of managers, educators and other professionals who need to demonstrate their materials in the clear, interactive form.

The comprehensive set of handy drawing tools allows to create documents, illustrations and slides right in the program. The variety of custom object and text animation, support for speakers notes and captions, possibilities for sound integration let you find the most impressive way to present your materials.

You can find more information about the ConceptDraw Presenter release at the Computer Systems Odessa Corp. Web site. ConceptDraw Presenter is available for US$199.00.