ConceptDraw Standard And Professional Get Expanded Language Support

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has released new language support for ConceptDraw Standard and Professional 1.8. ConceptDraw is a cross-platform diagramming app designed for use by IT and technical professionals. According to Computer Systems Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. today announced that the latest version of its award-winning flowcharting and diagramming software package ConceptDraw (Standard and Professional) is available in the worldis main languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

Powerful graphics editor and export capabilities of the programs have been extended and provide with XML support, which implies enhanced data exchange opportunities for ConceptDraw users and makes it a platform for developers.

You can find more information about the ConceptDraw language expansion at the Computer Systems Odessa Corp. Web site. ConceptDraw Professional is available for US$249.00, and the Standard version is US$125.00.