ConceptDraw Updated

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has updated their diagram creation tool, ConceptDraw, to version 1.59. ConceptDraw allows users to easily created complicated diagrams and charts, such as organizational structure charts and flow charts. According to CD Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today released ConceptDraw v1.59 for MacOS and Windows, a newer version of the powerful flowcharting and diagramming software package.

ConceptDraw v1.59 adds the following new features and enhancements:

  • In the Macintosh version all print properties are now stored with the document.
  • The Open and Save dialogs use Navigation Service, allowing to open several documents or libraries at a time.
  • System Color Picker is used, when setting a layer color.
  • Optimized performance, when selecting multiple objects in the Windows version.

Also this update fixes some printing and import problems, reported by users and improves the working of connectors.

ConceptDraw is the powerful application for creating professional-looking flowcharts, business diagrams, research layouts, organization schemes, plans and more. Itis cross-platform, so all documents, libraries and templates open seamlessly between the Windows and Macintosh platforms. ConceptDraw contains extensive libraries, supports intelligent formula-controlled objects and features powerful HTML export. The program now exists in the Windows and MacOS versions. The MacOS X version will be available shortly.

ConceptDraw is available for US$125. You can find more information at the ConceptDraw Web site.