Conflict Catcher Updated With Support For Unreleased Mac OS 9.2 (And More)

One of our favorite apps has been updated as Casady & Greene adds new features and other enhancements to Conflict Catcher. The Classic Mac extension managing software is being bumped to version 8.0.9, and the update includes support for the as yet unreleased Mac OS 9.2. Apple is expected to release Mac OS 9.2 when Mac OS X 10.1 is released in September. From Casady & Greene:

Casady & Greene, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Conflict Catcher 8 v8.0.9, a free update to their award-winning utility. This new version is updated with Mac OS (TM) 9.2, sets, links, and Clean-Install System Merge information and offers additional support for Mac OS X under the Classic Layer with Mac OS 9.2.

Conflict Catcher is the highest-rated system utility on the Macintosh. Conflict Catcher makes it easier to manage startup files and plug-ins, obtain information about each fileis purpose and manufacturer, and easily merge an old system folder into a clean system folder. This saves many hours and even days of laborious manual changes, minimizing incidents of human error.

List of New features:

  • Added Mac OS 9.2 All and Base sets.
  • Updated the Clean-Install System Merge for Mac OS 9.2.
  • Updated the Open Transport Network Group Link.
  • Fixed a problem in the sets activated by the Mac OS X startup set feature.
  • Fixed a serial number issue when booting into the Classic Layer of Mac OS X
  • New file definitions for the Reference Library with descriptions for 5,200 files (including descriptions for Sherlock Internet search sites), Plug-ins, control panels, and extensions.

The update is free to registered users of version 8.x, and owners of previous versions of the software can upgrade for US$49.95. The full version is priced at US$79.95. You can get more information on Conflict Catcher at Casady & Greeneis Web site.