Connectix Ships Virtual PC 5 For Classic & Mac OS X

Connectix has offered an early Xmas present for those Mac users who need to work with Windows on their Macs. The company has released Virtual PC 5 for both Classic and Mac OS X, once again making the Mac the most compatible computing platform on the planet. The new version not only is the first retail release of Virtual PC to support Mac OS X, it also includes a host of new features and abilities. From Connectix:

Connectix today launched a major new release of its highly successful, award-winning Virtual PC compatibility software that runs PC-based operating systems and applications on Macintosh computers. Designed for maximum compatibility and integration between Windows and Mac, Virtual PC 5.0 runs in both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X environments, thereby giving users a smooth transition to OS X and its exciting new capabilities. Loaded with new ease-of-use features, Virtual PC 5.0 includes Windows XP support, DVD-ROM data support, and Virtual Switch for increased networking capabilities. Connectix has also added "undoable" drives, which give users the option of leaving the original drive image file unchanged and easily backing out of any Windows session. Capping off the powerful package, Connectix is providing Connectix Care, a full suite of support services and tools including online forums, extensive contextual help, and an online knowledge database.

Benefits for Both New and Existing Users
"We concentrated on both new and existing users when we designed the features and capabilities of this new release," said Mitchell Cipriano, Vice President of Product Management at Connectix. "New users will find Virtual PC 5.0 an ideal means for running Windows operating systems and applications directly on their Macs, including Windows XP. Existing users will find this a imust havei upgrade because the new features simplify use and expand capabilities, as well as increase their options, such as continuing to run Virtual PC 5.0 on Mac OS 9 until theyire ready to migrate to Mac OS X."

Additional features in Virtual PC 5.0 include shared Zip, Jaz, CD, and DVD drives, enhanced support for dragging and dropping files directly between virtual machines, and full mapping between the Macintosh keyboard and a standard PC keyboard.

Virtual PC 5.0 Available Immediately
Virtual PC 5.0 is currently available in three versions: an upgrade version, a version with Windows 98 pre-installed, and a version with PC-DOS pre-installed. Two other versions, with Windows 2000 and with Windows XP Home pre-installed, will begin shipping in late December and early January respectively. Estimated street prices are $79 for Virtual PC 5.0 Upgrade, $99 for Virtual PC with DOS, and $199 for Virtual PC 5.0 with Windows 98. All three of these products are available from the Connectix online store and will be at Mac resellers worldwide, including Apple retail locations. Users who have purchased Virtual PC 4.0 anytime since November 1, 2001, are eligible for a free upgrade to Virtual PC 5.0.

The Connectix OS Packs, a companion product to Virtual PC, come with Windows operating systems pre-installed and pre-configured, allowing users to add additional Windows operating systems without having to go through a complex installation process. OS Packs are available at the Connectix online store and include Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows Me. Additional Connectix OS Packs with Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home will begin shipping in late December 2001.

You can find more information on Virtual PC at Connectixis Web site.