Conquer The World: Europa Universalis II Shipping

War: Though we abhor it, it fascinates us, and this is especially true in the video game market. Today, MacPlay announced that Europa Universalis II (EU II), the latest war game to come to the Mac, is shipping. The game is set between 1419 and 1820, and allows you to play as one of 180 countries. Your job is to maneuver your country through the tides of time, dealing with enemies, friends, and historical events. EU II features multiplayer support with up to 8 people, and the ability to generate new countries and events. From MacPlay:

Attention, armchair generals: the historical strategy game Europa Universalis II is now available from MacPlay, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC. The title is the first in MacPlayis distribution agreement with British publisher Virtual Programming.

"Iive lost count of the number of times Iive conquered the world," said MacPlay President Mark Cottam. "Itis so easy to lose yourself in this game. The amount of detail is staggering."

Europa Universalis II covers the years 1419-1820, beginning with the 100 Years War between France and England and ending with Napoleonis rise and fall on the battlefields of Europe. Players can choose from over 180 Nations to control, including not only the European superpowers but also the Chinese Empire, the African tribes, the Cherokee Indians, and more.

As the years pass, players call the shots in both the domestic and foreign arenas. They choose their form of government, send out privateers to explore the world and contact other Nations, raise armies, select a state religion, deal with disease outbreaks and other disasters, negotiate trade agreements with their neighbors, and more.

The game features 9 scenarios, over 500 missions, and historically accurate graphics and music. Players can take on up to 7 human opponents over a LAN or the Internet or battle fiendishly difficult computer-controlled opponents. They can also create new Nations and use the brand new event engine to build unique scenarios. The tutorial system and in-depth manual help new players get up to speed quickly.

"Anyone who enjoys history even a little bit will love Europa Universalis II," said Virtual Programming Director Paul LeSurf. "Itis the ultimate iWhat if?i game."

EU II is priced at US$29.99, and is available now. MacPlayis Web site still lists it as being available for "Pre-Order" as of this writing. You can find more information on the game at the MacPlay Web site.