Constrictor Maintenance Update Released

Stick Software has released an update for Constrictor, bringing it to version 2.3. Constrictor is a screen snapshot utility designed with user defined customizations. The update features bug fixes and a new icon. According to Stick Software:

Constrictor 2.3, a new version of Stick Softwareis full-featured screen snapshot utility, was released today. Constrictor makes the more complex screenshots easy. It lets you position a frame and then snap the area inside, applying border effects and saving in a variety of formats. Itis even scriptable!

Version 2.3 of Constrictor fixes several bugs in the previous version, and adds a new icon courtesy of David Stapleton.

You can find more information about the Constrictor update at the Stick Software Web site. Constrictor 2.3 is available for US$10.00.