Contour Design Improves RollerMouse With Pro Model

Contour Design, Inc. announced Tuesday a re-designed keyboard stand that is longer and adds two additional function buttons.

The RollerMousePro (see photo below) features a longer rollerbar, two new function buttons located just below the left-hand side of the extended rollerbar, a repositioning of the scroll wheel and newly reshaped original three buttons, and selectable, hard-coded function options.

The Prois rollerbar is 67% longer than the original version?s bar, the company said. "This was done in response to customer feedback that some larger-framed users felt they had to iscrunchi their hands together in order to manipulate the shorter bar, a company statement said.

The Pro model, in black, retails for US$199.95. The original RollerMouse, in black or beige color, is available for $189.95.