Contour Design Releases New Keystroke Creator For ShuttlePRO From The Bay Area

Contour Design has released Key Composer for ShuttlePRO from the Macworld Expo. ShuttlePRO is a jog/shuttle controller for scrolling through video or audio content. Key Composer allows users the ability to assign key commands and macros to the shuttle device. According to Contour Design:

Contour Design, Inc., a leading provider of innovative, ergonomic computer input devices, announced today the release of Key Composer(tm), exciting new keystroke macro creation and management functionality for its ShuttlePRO V.2(tm) multimedia jog/shuttle controller. Contour Design will be featuring the ShuttlePRO V.2 with Key Composer for Macintosh at this week’s MacWorld Expo.

With Key Composer, Macintosh audio/video application users can now assign multiple keystroke combinations, or macros, to execute from a single button on the ShuttlePRO V.2. These macros can be executed either all at once, or step by step, giving ShuttlePRO V.2 users much more control over audio/video applications. In Final Cut Pro for example, users can now:

  • Automate repetitive multi-step tasks
  • Group similar commands, views, or tools to a single button
  • Control your VTR or camcorder with precision

You can find more information about the Key Composer release at the Contour Design Web site or at booth #1042 at the Macworld Expo. ShuttlePRO is available for US$125.00, while Key Composer is available within the ShuttlePRO 2.5 Mac driver package.