Control Plus Releases New App For PLC Communication

Control Plus has released a new app for Mac users, ABGateway. ABGateway is a utility designed for accessing Allen-Bradley PLCis. The app features communication support for several PLCis including the SLC 500 family and Control Logix. According to Control Plus:

Control Plus is pleased to announce the release of ABGateway for MAC OSX.

ABGateway is a communications interface to the world of Allen-Bradley PLC’s for the Macintosh. ABGateway can access any data table in the memory of these PLC’s. It is not designed to acces the program files of edit the program files.

ABGateway can communicate with the following Allen-Bradley PLC’s:

  • PLC5 Family
  • SLC 500 Family
  • Control Logix (PLC5 Compatibility Mode)

You can find more information about the ABGateway release at the Control Plus Web site. ABGateway pricing starts at US$49.00.