Control Strip Module Creator Update From Rage

Rage Software has released an update CSM Maker, bringing to version 1.5. CSM Maker is a control strip based programming tool that allows users to drag and drop apps into the control strip for launch. The new version has performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Rage Software:

Rage Software Releases CSM Maker 1.5

CSM Maker allows users, even users with no programming experience, to create Control Strip Modules to launch any application. Just drop an application onto CSM Makeris icon and a Control Strip Module will be created instantly that can be placed in your Control Strip.

Whats New:

CSM Maker 1.5 is a complete rewrite and offers many enhancements and improvements over previous versions. CSM Maker 1.5 now has no interface, rather it allows you to just drop an application onto its icon and a Control Strip Module is created. Other improvements include removing the white border around the icon on created modules and a rare bug which could cause CSM Maker to sometimes crash when creating modules.

You can find more information about the CSM Maker update at the Rage Software Web site. CSM Maker is available as freeware.